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Hello Dear Ones

Imagine one afternoon just curiously taking the time to google the words ” You Are So Loved”, only to find the prettiest of cards made by an artist called thewheatfield on Zing-KaPowzerzzz! goes my heart and I’m off on the race or maybe-it’s-a-goose-chase-of-impatience! “It’s a match, that’s my new song care card!” I said to myself, as I perused this artist’s colorful work. I wrote an email contact to this phenomenal artist and expressed my interest in partnering with her. I’d love to see my newest song care card release with her art work all over it! Oh, I’m keeping my finger’s crossed! Maybe she’ll see the opportunity as I see it… as SUPERB!

Well, that’s just it. Now I wait. Life’s like that isn’t it? We have ambitious ideas, we implement them with industrious sweat laden effort and elbow grease, and then after having pushed and pulled and done all we can, the next step is to sit back and wait. Arghh!

What do you do while you wait? Do you walk your dogs, take a nice bike ride, go out for coffee or a drink? Then, while you’re waiting, do you find it hard to be “fully present” to the moments you’re experiencing while waiting? Are you distracted as you look at your phone for that incoming text, email or message? Do you say “hmm, sorry, what were you saying?” to the person you were out with because you’re “waiting and listening” for another call, another person to contact you, or some long awaited answer from another situation? Do you get flack from the person your with (in this case my husband) when you do this?

Well, I’m guilty of such. But, after writing this to you I think I’ll be quiet and rather present to my guest coming over. You see, after I finished walking my dogs to “do something constructive while I waited on this Etsy artist”, I met my neighbor who said he’d lost our phone number. He has a rescue 2 year old black lab and we were interested in adopting her. Simba (or as I quickly have renamed her Simba-Sue) met us on the trail head this afternoon. Now, I call such moments magic! Not only was I passing the time while waiting on something exciting, but I met the man whose fostering our potential new doggie! I’ll tell my husband the good news!

Then, in the afterglow of that happy moment only a few yards from home, I met another neighbor who was just about to go and walk her dogs. She’s coming over in a while and we’ll sit and talk about the day. That’s just plain rich! Happy waiting indeed. :) Oh, and I was not too distracted to notice the lovely song birds just a singing away!

Here’s a picture of what I hope will be my new song care card cover to You Are So Loved.
As far as the music to the song You Are So Loved, well, it’s still in production, so you’ll have to Wait!